Marriage is a very wonderful thing to happen between man and a woman. This will prove your love to each other and how strong the two of you to conquer of all the problems you’ve had with him or her. But sometimes, it is very sad and lonely to figure out that after making the things together to work out; you will finally end up your relationship with your husband or wife. Some would give reason that they need to find a space or give each other a space to have and to think about things before trying to save the marriage again. But before filing and making into a decision about separation and divorce. You have to think more than twice. It is not a joke that you can exclaim and say anytime and anywhere. There are a lot of situations and happenings that you need to consider before making things like this to happen to both of you. You can visit a marriage counselling Edmonton and ask for their suggestions and advices. They can talk to you both and you may give your own answers and explanation about what is happening between the relationships. You can tick the following tips if they are true or not.  


  • If there are too many bad things happening between the two of you, then you need to think deeply and clearly if that kind of things you would like to happen in your marriage. Maybe you can still work things out by having a talk and sincere apology to each one.  If you felt that everything is becoming toxic to both of you daily, then maybe you need a bigger space and a different environment to take. 
  • Continuous lying to someone especially to your partner would be considered as a great sin. You are trying to reduce the trust level of the wife or husband. You can confront or talk to him or her about this matter. This will create a good way to make things better between the marriage of yours.  
  • Always have a fight because of the values or religion, then that is not really good. It is a sign that both of you are not compatible with each other. This will give different opinions not only to you but to all the family relatives and members.  
  • Attending to a professional marriage counselor and it is not working anymore then that is a very obvious sign now that your partner doesn’t like you anymore. He is not willing to save the marriage and maybe wanted to have a different partner.  
  • Being unfaithful to someone is a very common sign that your partner is having an affair with someone. Try to talk to your partner about this matter. Maybe she or he is waiting for the perfect time to tell and confess to you.  
  • There could be other signs that might be the reason of your divorce. All you need is be honest with each other and accept the reality.